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Watercolor Paintings & Illustrations

Many of the watercolor paintings you see here are of the Maryland Eastern Shore. I prefer the older crab and oyster boats and the ones that are no longer in use that are permanently at the docks or up on the shore.  As they age they begin to take on a character of their own. The character of deteriorating wood. The rust that bleeds down on the once white paint and all the battle scars of a boat that worked very hard all of it’s life. For me this is wonderful material for a painting.


At the age of thirteen I won many “best in show” awards for my watercolor paintings, competing against seasoned and professional artist. Several years later I had a scholarship to The Maryland Institute of Art. I put that on hold and decided to try to pursue a career in music first. I ended up singing and playing guitar in coffee houses and night clubs throughout the east coast and Midwest.


During that time I entered a talent show at the prestigious Ohio State Fair. I was fortunate enough to win first place. Back stage I was approached by a talent scout for Columbia Records and offered a chance to tour and perform with The Grand Old Opry. At the time they were touring in Ohio. I performed during a short tour and then decided to play folk music instead of country and do the coffee houses and colleges. I also performed in several rock bands.


It would be awhile before I started to paint again. After several years I started a successful business doing limited edition landscapes and seascapes in pen and ink and watercolor. My paintings were exhibited and sold in local galleries locally and throughout the United States and abroad. During that time I was commissioned to do several watercolor paintings for the Editor of The National Geographic Magazine and exhibit my paintings. A great honor and privilege.


I began a career as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, and commercial artist at the Baltimore Sun and many of the top advertising agencies in Maryland and DC. I also became involved in photography at various advertising agencies. One of my most  memorable experiences was photographing on location the movie “Avalon” directed and produced by Academy Award winner Berry Levinson. Some of those photos can be seen here on this web page.


I came from a bohemian family of artist, for lack of a better description. There were always interesting artist, poets, performers and talented people visiting. My grandfather was an award winning illustrator and alumni of The Maryland Institute of Art and honored member of the National Watercolor Society. My father, mother, and sister were quite talented artist. Although not an artist, my other sister owned a very successful clothing line in New York and raced her thoroughbreds in some of the most prestigious racecourses in the country. You could write a best seller about her life.

I have had a very rewarding, challenging, and quite eclectic and interesting journey through the years. And I am always ready for the next challenge.